17 iunie 2013

The most unprofessional web hosting

The most unprofessional web hosting is: 
000webhost.com (and hostinger.com - is the same company)

One week after i have register my account i have receive this email:
"Account asman.ro was suspended for the following reason:
Terms of service violation: Phishing, scam, warez, hacking"

My account was suspended without any warning or details about what they think is wrong with my website.
I have contact them and i asked for an explanation, but no response...
My website and all the software i have developed was malware free for YEARS!
They have not even bothered to check my website and my software with www.virustotal.com
I think they saw a free serial of my own software posted in the website and concluded that my site is a warez website   :))

I am very disappointed of 000webhost.com
Unprofessional web hosting for sure!
Anyway, i have moved my site elsewhere...
Thank you for nothing...

Don't use this free webhosting unless you are ready to lose your account anytime, for any imaginary reason. They will suspend your account even if you buy theirs paid service!

              Not recommended!

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